About Us

Exam Aid was formed by a group of parents, teachers, researchers and counsellors in March 2000 following the publication of a letter in the Independent which emphasised the harmful effect that ‘non-academic’ problems could have on students’ exam chances, on the basis of recent research.

In 2000/2001, we completed a research project which looked specifically at Year 13 students’ likely sources of stress (see Research pages) and increased our stock of published and web site material. We now have web site links to a large number of educational and youth organisations, including a growing number of Schools and Colleges (see Links Page).

We have a constitution in the form of our Memorandum and Articles of Association, which is available to all members and describes how we operate, conduct meetings etc.. first A.G.M. date: March 23rd 2002; full details made available all members.

We are an entirely independent organisation, supported only by membership fees, the proceeds of our publications and some web site advertising.

Although the Exam Aid site is free to all, two kinds of membership are available; see ‘Full Membership’ and ‘Associate Membership’ on Information page.

All the organisations referred to on the Resources pages are charities, voluntary organisations or offering free web site information. Banners and links for commercial organisations can be included on the web site and in Exam Aid publications under defined advertising terms.

Exam Aid can be contacted easily see our Contact Page for details.