More on Boys & Girls in Exams

Our previous post explained that girls have some better revision habits than boys. So how come some girls get bad results and some boys get good ones? Why all the girls not winning easily in all subjects, rather than only winning narrowly in some of them and even being a little behind in a few?

Reason 1

The over-the-top media. When research findings are reported, they are talking about general trends, not things which apply to every single boy or every single girl. Every girl hasn’t got perfect revision skills and every boy is not waiting until the last minute to start revision.

Reason 2

Exam Aid has completed research projects on a number of aspects of exam experience, including answers from thousands of students all over the country, and we know that boys do have some things going for them. They are not as likely to suffer from exam nerves and they can work under pressure at the last minute with great effectiveness. They are also more likely to have hobbies and interests, in particular sport, which can keep them physically fit and energetic.

Summing It Up

The Boys

If you really thrive under pressure ad that’s the way you want to do it, fair enough, but be sure you can handle it. If you can stay relaxed with it, so much the better, but remember that relaxed is not the same as doing nothing.

Handling pressure is one thing – boring yourself to death is another. If you only have one way of revising, finding a few more might help a lot. And don’t be too quick to dismiss revision planning as girlie; there are very few successful men who haven’t had to work, and plan, for their success. Get help if you need it; tough guy you may be, but everybody hurts!

The Girls

Keep the good revision habits, including the use of a variety of revision methods and the ability to plan ahead.
Perhaps you could develop them even further by adding some of the methods and techniques covered in the Revision Zone. Keep involving others and make constructive use of their desire to help.

Don’t get carried away with revision programmes which take up every minutes of your day; keep it simple. Don’t worry too much about exam day itself – if you know the stuff, you’ll manage. Remember we have a Stress Zone going for you as and when you need it, and we’re not the only ones!

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