Research is the main thrust of what Exam Aid does. We believe that finding out what happens during exam years is vital to an understanding of how best to fully support late teens students with all of the problems which are likely to influence their chances of success.

Organised by a published researcher qualified to Masters degree level, our projects aim to provide schools, colleges, students and teachers with practical and relevant data.

Whether or not you decide to join Exam Aid, if you’re visiting the site, please take a few minutes to contribute to our research effort.
The QUESTIONNAIRES can be completed online by students themselves, or copies can be taken by teachers and lecturers to supply to students. They will be used in research reports and on the site.

The FORUM is available for the expression of opinions on a variety of subjects, and we aim to publish a selection of contributions on site and in our publications. Whatever your own educational interest is, your views count as far as we’re concerned.

Our PUBLICATIONS include further research instruments such as the GCSE and A level Personal Revision Assessments, as well as research reports and articles.
Finally, if you need to do research of your own into one of the problem areas covered on the site and the organisations which deal with them, please don’t forget our INFORMATION LINE is also available.