What are the Effects of Exams on Young People?

What is actually happening to young people during the main teenage exam years, Years 10 -13? Huge amounts of time and resources are devoted to gathering and analysing exam statistics about academic subjects. The non-academic experience of exam years deserves at least some attention.

www.examaid.co.uk is a totally independent association of teachers, lecturers, parents, schools and colleges which aims to:

  • provide information and resources to support young people who have non-academic problems to contend with during exam years (see resources), information line, viewpoints, publications)
  • find out what’s going on in young people’s lives during the exam years and how they think and feel about what’s happening (see research, online and word questionnaires, publications).

Everything on this web site is offered free of charge to all who wish to use it, but we do need members to support and further our work; please take a minute to look at the membership details.

We also need sponsors and advertisers who will support us while respecting our independent; please look at this page if you are in a position to help.

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